This is help manual for MuographView for mMOS powered by iREVS(Real-time Event Visualize Service) site.

MuographView for mMOS is a system comprised of Internet-based computing which visualizes and manages event data. It is retrieved with MWPC and data acquiring program at the experiment site via the internet.

  1. User accounts
    1. Registration
    2. Log in/Log out
    3. User settings
  2. Dashboard
    1. Muograms panel
    2. Experiment summary panel
  3. Experiments
    1. Experiment details
      1. Experiment summary panel
      2. Event missing periods panel
      3. Muograms panel
      4. All events panel
      5. Daily plane event counts for a month panel
      6. Hourly plane event counts for a day panel
      7. Daily muogram panel
  4. Muogram Generator
    1. Timeseries Graph
  5. Muogram Library
    1. Muogram detail
  6. Density
  7. Search
    1. Text Search
    2. Daily Muogram Search
  8. Permission
  9. Licenses
  10. Change log